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Surf Libra Way



Plongé Libra auberge d'aventures


Surf, live & dive: The Libra Way!

We are Marie-Isabelle and David, passionate about scuba diving and surfing!


After traveling all over the world, we fell in love with the small village of Playa Cerritos, located on the Baja California Sur peninsula in Mexico. On one side, the Pacific Ocean and its world famous waves. On the other, the Sea of Cortez, named the world's aquarium by Jacques Cousteau and classified Unesco World Heritage. Between the two, the Sierra de la Laguna, a mountain range elevating at over 2,000 meters and also recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve.


We found the perfect playground, and we want to share it with you!!

Our mission

We want to provide you with an exclusive adventure travel experience at Playa Cerritos. With our types of  accommodation and our exclusive packages, we offer you to travel, relax and work in a spirit of community, while maintaining a healthy balance.


In fact, our ultimate mission is to show you the Baja the way we discovered it. Surfing, diving, hiking, yoga, paddleboarding, tacos Al-Pastor, a fresh Pacifico Beer to end the day at sunset... We hope that at the end of your stay, you will like the village of Cerritos as we do! 


A way of life... The Libra Way!

Why Libra?

We were both born under the zodiac sign Libra - the Libra! For us, balance is essential in all spheres of our lives, and this is what we want to offer through our adventure hostel: a place of balance between passion, work and community life, between the sea and earth. 


Welcome to our home, welcome to your home!

San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur

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