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Best way to get to Libra, by air!

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

Over my years of travelling the world for diving and for fun, obviously, I took more flights than I can remember. I have visited so many types of airports: from the one you will miss your flight if you don't have at least 2 hours of lay over to the one, where the flight attendant almost get your bags from the back of your trunk. Every time is an experience, an adventure, and for me, the airport is a Happy Place. Travellers are smiling, excited. You can feel the travel frenzy of all kind, also the pain of goodbye, and see the tears of See y'all later!. It is such a distinct environment. How not to love this place! Since 2019, we are doing a lot of back and forth from our hometown in Quebec, Canada. We have visited many airports to get to Libra, used different routes and airlines. It can be a nightmare for some travellers to find the right airline and route to get to here. Also, you must know that Baja California Sur (BCS), as two international airports - Los Cabos (SJD) and La Paz (LAP). Both airports have a travel time to Libra from 60-75min. It is worth it to look for flight from both airports to get the best deal - some seasons La Paz has cheaper flights. So here are all the hints!


1- Aeromexico Airlines

If you are travelling from the East Coast of Canada, especially Toronto or Montreal, Aeromexico is the airline to go. You have the service of a well-known airline at low prices, but you need to be careful, the round-trips are usually more expensive than buying a separate flight to fly to Baja and to fly back home. You will have a short lay-over in Mexico City before heading to Baja. Aeromexico provides in flight services with a snack (cookies and sandwich, usually) with coffee, soft drinks but as well, local beers and tequila! The way to start your vacation! I have never been disappointed by this airline!

2- United Airlines

The airlines to travel from everywhere in the States, coming from the smallest airport somewhere in the USA or any big travel hub. You will definitely get to BCS, with money in your pocket, perhaps you might be missing a few hours of sleep, as United will get the cheapest flight from home to BCS without breaking the bank, but that means a layover. This airline has all the amenities to get you comfortable onboard, meals and drinks such as wine and all juices, soft drinks you might think of. The beauty of this airline is that they have so many flight routes, that if you miss your flight, they will definitely get a solution to fly you to your final destination. Sit back and follow the waves of travel!

3- Flair Airlines

Quite a new airline in Canada, the new type of airline - you get what you pay for. This airline is amazing for all travellers from the West Coast of Canada, hop on one of the domestic flights offered by the same airlines and head to Vancouver (YVR). From Vancouver, Baja here you come, as all their flights are direct. This airline is amazing for travellers with a low budget and travelling light, as you pay for everything. Included in your flight ticket, you have a 7kg personal item only. The carry-on and luggage have fees, although the flight ticket one way will be mas o menos 114-250 CAD. Such a deal!!! If you are an avid traveller, you might want to keep an eye on the Flair deal that comes up along the year. This airline is perfect for a Weekend getaway to Baja!

4- Alaska Airlines

An American carrier, perfect for West Coast travellers! This airline has kept up into the craziest years of the past 3 years. As they focus on their customer service for years, they stayed in the game, offer a courteous service, and often release discounts. Imagine, from the San Jose, CA you can fly one way for USD 113. How to forget about this airline when you are thinking of getting to Baja. I don't know if the fact that their airlines fits with ice and cold, but during high season of ice and snow, this airline will reduce your stress and will accommodate you at their best if the flight is cancelled, but don't worry, except because of weather forecast, the airline is always on time! A must-try!

5- WestJet Airlines

Off season, WestJet airlines will bring you to BCS at a low cost, that is a certainty. During high season, it might not be the airlines to check out, but you know, all airlines release discounts one or two days a month. Another Canadian airline that plays along the big, they offer snacks and limited beverages, but what is the greatest, it is their check bag fees. If you plan it at booking, you will get the lowest fare along the other airlines - only 30 CAD where others will be minimum of 40-75CAD for your first check bag. Oh, and what makes a travel smooth, it is the flights attendants. They are so gentle and this is the reason they have been named the Best Flight Attendants in Canada.


All of this being said, you have no reason now not to book your flight and visit the beautiful Baja California Sur, and along the way, Libra! Vivid of adventure, you will quickly realize that BCS is not like the rest of Mexico, it has its own culture, its own climate that you won't see anywhere else in Mexico. Soooo, what are you waiting to book? See you in beautiful Cerritos!


NB: All fares given in this blog are based on economic fares. NB2: Libra isn't receiving anything from advertising those airlines, we just want to share our experience and love of travelling with you.

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