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Libra Way- From The Dirt

In the past months, we have been celebrating the end of Phase 1, definitely the more stressful but so excited at the same time! We have been through ups and downs. From no show-up professionals to delays in delivery of materials, to our first smiles and thanks from our guests!

Although, during this full year, we never loose track of our mission and values. We did built with nature and respecting her as Mother Earth deserves it. After a bit more than a year, we have created something unique ,and our guests loved it! It is so rewarding ,and we would do it over and over!

We created you a 5-minutes video that goes through our process for our first phase!

Turn on the volume, sit back and enjoy!

Oh, and share it with your friends and family. We will be more than thankful for this extra push of love!

Saludos amigos!

Marie-Isa & David


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