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Maracuyarita!!! Best New Year Drink- Our Signature Margarita

Are you planning your New Year Celebration?

Margarita at Sunset in Baja

What about a signature drink to set the table for your party? Here at Libra, we are big fans of margaritas. It is such nice refreshing, but also very tasty drink. Mexico is home to Tequila and the Mezcal so it is only normal that we drink the local liquor!

Just the thought of the cocktail normally makes you travel somewhere hot, sunny, and by the side of the beach. From the original recipe, we gave it our little Libra touch. We have been growing in abundance the maracuya (passion fruit) at our hostel in Cerritos so we have started to incorporate it into pretty much everything we drink and eat. What a nice problem we got there!

It eventually made its way into a margarita, and we were really happy with the taste it added to the drink. The tangy flavour fits hand in hand with the lime juice and orange liqueur flavour. The yellowish pulp also gives a nice colour to the mix. To make it even more festive, and for a touch of bitterness, we started to add a splash of Aperol.

So let me introduce you, to our very own MARACUYARITA!


Type of glass: Old-fashioned 

1 oz of Tequila

1 oz of Orange liquor 

1/4 oz Aperol

1 oz of Fresh squeezed lime juice 

1/2 of a passion fruit pulp with seeds 

Salt or Tajin 

Lime wedge 


  1. To make the salt or Tajin, for the fan of spiciness, rim on the glass, use one of the squeezed lime to wet the rim, pour some salt/Tajin in a plate or a bowl then turn the wet rim of the glass in the salt. You want a 1/4-inch generous amount of salt/Tajin. 

  2. Then, in a shaker (Nalgene-like water bottle also does the trick if you don't have a proper mixer), mix the tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice and passion fruit. Add 2-3 cubes of ice, then shake thoroughly. The longer you shake the more ''slush'' like your drink will be. 

  3. Then you pour the content into the glass. You can add more ice to top it off and dilute it down a bit if you find it too strong. 

  4. Add 1/4 of an ounce of Aperol to the glass, it should sit right at the bottom and give it a yellow on top and red/orange at bottom look. 

  5. Final touch: Add the wedge of lime and it's ready to serve! 

Be aware, that it is considered a strong drink even if it looks so festive and delicious! But it surely will bring some sunshine to your celebration!

Happy New Year and lots of love from the Libra family!

Best New Year Margarita Drink to end 2023!

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