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Adventure Boutique-Hostel... With container!

Buenas dias amigo!!!

I know you are most likely trapped in your country and eager to hit the road or up on a plane. I just want you to know that we are also really looking forward to the travelling bonanza to restart.

But the next few months ahead will allow me to build you a dream Adventure Boutique Hostel. I’ve been working for the last few months to get the paperwork sorted out, requirements full-filled, land cleaned, preliminary designs done, research of material, utilities and on and on…

With the foundation of the storage done, I should see the 1st container rolling in within a few days now! Exciting times let me tell you! I’ve been dreaming about building a hostel with shipping containers for years now. So let’s call it a dream coming true!

You’ll ask me: why the shipping container? Because what is not to like about a shipping container! By the day I receive it, I can already use it as a waterproof, windproof, hurricane-proof… structurally, rugged, virtually indestructible, storage or living space. I’m amazed by the fact that these 4 000 kg metal box can be stacked up to 8 high fully loaded (30 848 kg each), a thing that I will take advantage of in my design!

Another interesting fact is the footprint required by the foundation. So with a minimum impact on the land, I can build a foundation from multiple columns and have the container deliver on it with a crane. No need to have flat land, nor to plow all the trees out of the way to access the installation site. I just need to clear the 40’ x 8’ and maybe with an extra couple feet around and that’s it!

On another hand, it also fits perfectly with our land. We choose that lot for the view of the Cerritos (hills), its beautiful vegetation and its proximity to the beach (1.5 km). One of the interesting features of that land is also its sloped side. Which for any standard construction would be a pain, but for us, it’s an opportunity. That sloped side is perfect for containers on columns with multi-level buildings, with over-hangings, unobstructed view of the hills and the luxuriant vegetation of the arroyo. The aesthetic of the containers also has an interesting hedge to be used in a building design. It’s metal industrial look blending, with some concrete pillars, bamboo/palm leaves palapas, all in a natural environment, that’ll make Libra a one-of-a-kind Hostel.

On a project management aspect, using containers will allow us to be operational and be building at the same time without bothering you during your stay. But how’s that possible? The idea is to build by phases, to get one container at the time, fit it away from the foundation and the guest area. Then once it’s ready, call the crane and get the new units installed with the rest of the structure and just need to plug it in! It also allows us to follow a lean start-up path and adjust with your feedback but also with the bookings to improve our concept and offer you nothing but the best experience.

The delivery of the 1st container for me will also mean that I would be able to live on our land permanently really shortly after. I’ll get the real feel of the terreno and all the beauty it has to offer. Marie should also be coming to visit soon to see her new home, take a few days off to go diving and plugging away some manual work on the project! Exciting times ahead!

Until we see each other in Playa Cerritos @the.libra.way.baja I want you to take care, do your push up and yoga to be in top shape to enjoy the Mexican waves.



Btw here a few pictures of some rustic wood work for an outside bathroom, the foundation of the storage during the construction and an elevation view from Cerritos... Enjoy!

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