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Carry on your dream

Well done guys!! Life got you through 2020, it was not an easy year, full of desapointments or happiness (for some ofyou I guess), but life goes on. Keep that in mind and 2021 will start on a good note. The past year has shown you resilience, love and patience. Those qualities that you nurtured through hardship, I wish you can reflect and carry them for the rest of your life. I am pretty sure many of you planned on December 2019, a new year filled with joy, health, newborn, new house, new investment, new professional opportunities, new relationships and maybe even the trip of your life (we all thought that Libra would have been on your list). You might think now that it isn’t the right moment to achieve any of those, but remember what you truly want in your life, deep inside of you, and you will find your way to it. We sometimes need to let go and realize that the path is drawn. It is what helped me travel around the world. No plan is a plan! Life, as good as it is, will make it happen when the right time comes.

Such a simple thing but we need to be reminded sometimes. In February 2020, we were about to quit our jobs and sell everything we had to invest into Libra. March came around and messed up a few things…well everything! We made up our minds over time that we had to adjust our expectations and maybe look at other projects, like buying an old manor to bring Libra in Quebec. After getting warnings from life, it became clear that our initial plan in Baja California Sur was THE thing we had to push for. We went through a lot of emotions:

the deception, where nothing was enough and everything was too much;

the happiness of other projects, where everything seems cool, but as time passed, we didn’t feel the same excitement as Libra Mexico was giving us.

The list of emotions goes on, but deeply all our thoughts and love were pointing towards Libra. Our Libra; we loved and cherished for so many years now!

So remember, dream of opportunities and dare to pursue them! The right moment will come. Listen to signs, get your things ready and, step forward when you feel it. No mistake can’t be made if you truly love what you do and believe!

With Love,


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